HCG Diet Weight Loss Program

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Can you still exercise while on the HCG diet? Yes, you can, and it will also help you to burn more calories. It is not a necessity to exercise with the diet, but it can help you become fitter at the same time while you lose your excess weight. The best exercise is walking; briskly if you can. Try to walk up to two miles a day over the week. This will give you larger amounts of energy, plus you will continue to burn the calories after exercise.

Other types of exercise are jogging, yoga, dancing and meditation. Do not over exercise, just do enough to tone the muscles, as too much can over strain them and may even start to lose muscle. This is not what the diet is about; you need to lose fat not muscle.

What the diet doc diet aims to do is transfer the body into a state of ketosis. This is when the liver starts to burn excess fat rapidly as you consume more protein and avoid flavorings, sweeteners and anything artificial.

The ingredients for the HCG mix is:

    • 4000 Unit Injections (IU) HCG powder vial

    • 30 ml of barteriostatic water

    •  21G needle with a 5cc syringe

    •  24 swabs of alcohol

    •  24 syringes of insulin


After making up this mix, you will have to self-administer for six days straight. Keep it refrigerated all the time.

Diet Doc is the only medical expert that has been approved in the US for developing this modern day version of the diet. This was first created by the ATW Simeons in the 1950s, and can still be used today. It is advised that you to the modern one as you are able to consume about three calories more, without starving yourself. When on a starvation diet you are at risk of developing gallstones due to an increase in cholesterol levels in the gall bladder. You will also experience extreme fatigue causing insomnia and mood swings.

HCG Diet beware of Fakes

The fake treatments that are sent over the internet from Asian countries are not always 100% natural human hormone. It is usually extracted from animals from pregnant rats or hamsters or otherwise synthetic. If it is not the true product you will have wasted your money, and you will not lose the weight you wish. Always get your HCG on prescription and acquire it from a chemist or pharmacy.

HCG Diet preparations

To obtain your HCG Diet Doc health plan you will need to go through a thorough medical history with your doctors and nurses. This will include gender, health, lifestyle and age. All this will determine what dosage you will need to be on, as well as the actually diet menu. You will also receive in the diet package over one hundred healthy recipes for you to try, as well as more that can be obtained online at the official blog and forum. You will not be given any diet plan that suits all it will be tailored to your specific needs and goals.


The idea of the weight loss plan is to put your body into a state of ketosis. This is when the liver breaks down fat quicker giving you more energy. It will also surpass your hunger levels and help you to sleep better at night.

HCG Diet Food Plan

On this HCG diet, you are encouraged to eat a low glycemic diet, which was originally created for diabetics due to low sugar and carbohydrate foods. You will be required to eat more fresh fruit, vegetables and protein; fish and chicken are the best. Protein contains omega 3, which breaks down fat in the body helping you to keep that feeling of fullness at the same time.

As well as this, you will be given a special 100% oil known as MCT. This will burn the fat you have eaten in about thirty minutes. After realizing that manufacturers of this product have been adding about forty-two percent of glycerin in their product, diet doc have been producing their own. Glycerin is known to slow down the benefits of the oil.

Foods to avoid are nuts and avocados has these contain high levels of fat. Also, try to avoid dairy foods and whole eggs as these can slow down the state of ketosis. It has also been noted that if you remove fruit from your plan and add one glass of red wine it will not affect your weight loss; anymore will. It is advised that no alcohol be consumed at all, but if you like a glass every now and then, this will not hurt.

HCG Diet a new Lifestyle

Therefore, if you are having trouble losing those extra pounds this diet will be for you. Follow what your doctors and nurses advise and you will soon be seeing the new, slimmer you. Just in time for the summer months, and that bikini on the beach. Try the HCG Diet now.